Advent Hope

Are you ready? Are you ready for Christmas?

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it’s said that it’s “OFFICIALLY” permissible to play Christmas music.

The Christmas, or “Advent” season has “officially” started. We call it “Advent” season.

Advent is a word we use that simply means the arrival of an important person. Our looking forward to Christmas REALLY started months ago….for many stores it began before Halloween. But TRADITIONALLY, Thanksgiving has marked the time when the Christmas season starts.

So….for the next month we’ll have our kids’ Christmas programs at school. We’ll have Christmas parties at work, school and other organizations we’re a part of. Some of us will be traveling out of town to see relatives….some of us will be hosting relatives in our homes.

Most of us are going to be faced with buying gifts for family and friends. We will see Santa make an appearance at many of the stores we may go to—that man sure gets around! Many of us will spend entirely TOO MUCH on those gifts.

In the busyness of the season….we can forget that it’s not just about a holiday where we give gifts, or receive gifts. It’s not just about a fat man in a red suit coming down our chimney. It’s not just about a bunch of pretty lights, a tree, or cookies.

The first week of Advent, we celebrate “Hope”.

This is a time when we hope for and we look forward to something entirely different. We celebrate the birth of our Messiah. It is with hope that we look forward to this season.